My art's addictively poetic ± It's seductively mystical. 

It's queer-punk, ecstatic-tantric, process-based live art. It seeks to bring my body, voice and soul closer to wholeness, excepting the temporary nature of my body. I stand in my queer white african skin using ritual and secular rites to process personal histories and political narratives. 

My authenticity transforms chaos into love, love for myself ± love for others. My work's unafraid.

I seek depth, I look for truth. I don't claim to have the answers.

I aim to create healing works of art for myself and the witnesses ± the participants of the art.

My art navigates challenging terrain but always from a point of care. My art is a dedication to creating participatory works which invite everyone to join the party. 

± I give thanks to my ancestors through my work, I invite them to join the celebration ±



Daniel Cunningham is a white African performance artist born in Kwa Zulu Natal. Dan began his performance career as a vocalist in a gospel choir in the heart of London. He holds a degree in European Theatre arts obtained at Rose Bruford school of performance and theatre, where he now lectures and delivers his actor training to final year performance students. He performed internationally in award winning work with Teatr ZAR.  He led his own experimental multidisciplinary punk collective SoundBoxed (2013-2016) which ran for 3 years, performing across London at Theatre Delicatessen, Rich Mix, CPT, Barbican and the New Diorama. Dan has also performed in works at Southbank, and Roundhouse. In 2016 he began a solo performance practice centred on converting the complexities of his intercultural and queer life experiences into a healing work of esoteric art for himself and his audiences. He is the the co-creator of live art works Salvation ± Shamanic Striptease, i ± Witness and Creatrix ± Cosmic Mother and the films: The Drink Series ±  Jeremiah Combyne and Honey Shot. Daniel is a facilitator at both The Oval House and The Roundhouse, where he leads physical and vocal performance practice.