In 2017 I began working with The Oval House, Facilitating process based workshops for adult performers and non-performers. I will be facilitating projects for 18-25's with The Roundhouse in 2018.

Image: Toyin Dawudu 

My practice uses original, experimental live-art and workshop/performance event practices that invite 

urban mixed communities [ different ages, genders, sexualities and cultures] to engage with

performance practice through art that explores Identity, physical performance and original poetry.

My workshops are specifically aimed at the LGBTQIA ± community (not exclusively) for performers and

non performers.  My workshops invite people to engage with transformational practices, such as,

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

I am involved with work that invites urban mixed communities [different ages, genders, sexualities, and

cultures] to engage with programmes that create lasting effects on physical and mental well being. 

My workshops increase confidence by allowing participants to express themselves through work that

engages the body, the voice and the poetic mind. 



My projects allow queer voices, queer dances and queer dreams  to be heard and seen - The Participants

of the work explore charging and activating their bodies and voices to uncover their unique power. 

 How participants identify is not important but the spaces in which I set up are queered: international,

intercultural, fluid, accepting.