‘i±Witness’ invites performers, artists or non performers to engage in rigorous partner work that enables them

to enter powerful poetic process. 

Participants of the process are invited to explore themselves in the first person. 

No character, no mask, just the history that is brought into the room and the presence that comes with this.

The work encourages the formation of temporary communities via presentation events. Invited spectators can

bear witness to the process. Participatory performance structures create transformational experience for the

performer and the witness... 

The practice features live and recorded music.

Participants explore charging and activating their bodies to:

± align and attune themselves, to one another and to the working space. 

± ground themselves in the present and help the beginning processes of mapping the inner connections of

body, voice and soul. 

± enter solo improvisation with an emphasis on permissive presence. 

± Hosting ceremony : performance skills connecting to the role of ‘Master of Ceremonies’

The presentations created by the participants are first-person, present-tense and non-narrative. 

i:Witness is a ceremonial mechanism inviting revolutions. It is a project invoking queer voices, queer dances and queer dreams — many dreams for collective power. Participants explore charging and activating their ecstatic bodies — bodies fit for purposes, political bodies with messages to express. How participants identify is not important but the space is queered: it is international, intercultural, fluid, accepting.
i:Witness is a creative process which requires full dedication. The practice centres on physical movements specifically designed to bring forth the participants buried power. Pushing physical boundaries we collectively reach ecstatic levels of sober joy, opening elated pathways into clear vision. Participants share dreams, share memories, share their unique voices, their individual desires for change — be it a political shift, a personal transformation or all things in between.
Testimony. Witness the Fitness. Exchange. The politics of our bodies as personal vessels...