Salvation±Shamanic Striptease 

Photo: Birdman Foxglove Photography

Photo: Birdman Foxglove Photography


Initiated by Daniel P Cunningham and Mark J Hamilton. 

“Tonight, my body is a temple and I invite you to come rock inside me. Drink me. Drink me. Drink me!” 

Process-based ± queer-punk ± ecstatic-tantric performance.

Salvation ± Shamanic Striptease is a ceremonial mechanism inviting revolutions.

It is a vessel invoking spirits, dances and dreams that inhibit Daniel’s White African body. 

Daniel uses native and immigrant movement vocabulary from his homeland Kwa- Zulu Natal to exorcise

tensions he carries from personal and family histories.

We conjure into contemporary Western European practice the transformational power observed in

traditions elsewhere, specifically oracular mediumship from South India and the Maori haka. 

In our ritual zone, erotic dance becomes an expression of existential longing for liberation. 

“Salvation is our first presentation in our new and developing aesthetic-ecstatic practice that we call ‘shamanic striptease.’ Here, shamanic is used as a term to inspire and conjure into our contemporary Western European practice the transformational power observed in extant traditions elsewhere — specifically those which Mark has  experienced in Kerala (South India) and inside Māori cultural contexts.The imaginative leap that shamanic striptease explores is that erotic dance can be utilised as an expression of existential longing for liberation through (but not necessarily from) the coordinates of our sexual, gendered, ethnic identities. In Salvation, Daniel uses native and immigrant movement vocabularies from his homeland of Kwa Zulu Natal (South Africa) to exorcise tensions he carries from his personal and family histories. On a socio-political level the performance processes the momentous legacies present in Daniel from the conflict ridden apartheid order into which he was born and the subsequent inclusive and reconciliatory ‘Rainbow Nation’ formed under Mandela’s presidency. These cultural currents cohabit Daniel’s white-African body. “

Salvation: Shamanic Striptease, Daniel P Cunningham & Mark James Hamilton
Battersea Arts Centre (London) 31 December 2016. The Fly Pit (London)10 January 2017. Rich Mix (London) 21 January 2017. Royal Vauxhall Tavern (London)7 February 2017. Maynooth University (Ireland) 31 March 2017. Hackney Show Rooms (London) 1 April 2017. Battersea Arts Centre (London) 11-13 April 2017. Rose Theatre (London)19 April 2017. Royal Vauxhall Tavern (London) 20 May 2017. The Freezer (Iceland, HAFNARGATA) August 2017. Kiki Queer Bar (Iceland, Reykjavik) August 2017. Camden People Theatre (London) 12 September 2017.


High±Mass Movement (Previously 'Homeo-Ecstatic Remedies') is for anyone interested in getting high

through movement, music and connection with oneself and with others. 

The practice is like a rave but without the drugs. 

Its like Church but without the dogma. 

The work we lead is rooted in the vision and practice of seminal performance maker Jerzy Grotowski.

We depart from other continuations of the Polish experimental theatre model, however, in a key way: we

engage directly with experiences of ‘queerness’ in its widest meaning. That is, we invite all participants

to celebrate how their unique identities complicate lines of sexuality, gender, culture or nationality.

Our work embraces contradictions.

We use a widely diverse range of music to support this process — merging the electronic drum rhythms

of rave, the lyrics of hip-hop, the polyphonic choirs of the Eastern liturgy and Hindu devotional choruses.


Creatrix±Cosmic Mother 


In dedication to my mommy, the late Jillian Pauline Cunningham, who held me in her womb, who’s spirit walks with me and who’s physical form I achingly miss.









Puja Fest 2017 began with the debut of three of the Society’s classical Indian dance students. It closed

with communal songs joining the names and images of the Goddess with the names and images of our

earthly mothers. This is a dedication to the main Mother and all our birth Mothers - those who live and

those who have passed. Bring the names, photos, or your real mamas to make offerings in celebration of

the Ones who held us in their womb. 

Creatrix: Cosmic Mother is Trance-Mantra that Opens the Portal to Amma. Music-Meditation in devotion

to the goddess. Cosmic-Mother-Worship with beats to bring us Back-to-Earth 

‘Creatrix: Cosmic Mother’  of ‘PUJA Fest 2017’. 

"Bring the names of your mothers — living and dead, blood-relatives and adopted, all who have nurtured your life. Bring their images — photographs, artworks, mementos, symbols. We will sing their names. We will celebrate their images. We will invite a mother present to represent all mothers and to be bathed in petals…"

My research partner is Mark James Hamilton. You can read more about his work on the link below.