Co-Artistic director of  SoundBoxed from 2013-2016. Immersive rave theatre, original multidisciplinary devised performances. I started this company with graduates from Rose Bruford school of theatre and performance. Together we made three process based performances. 

'SoundBoxed Collective creates a spiritual pre-text to its performance that, without words, indicates the oncoming of a ritual, a cult activity, possibly even a sacrifice.The audience are left to look on as The Karen gorges on its own hedonistic pleasures; the music and sermons and chanting swell to an all-consuming climax, Cunningham’s deep, soulful voice punctuates the din, and The Karen is no more.' Exeunt Magazine                                            

''Racy and occasionally dark comedic performances and slick physical routines – particularly from our messiah, Jeremiah (DANIEL P CUNNINGHAM), who blends Charles Manson charm with Ali G rudeboy behaviour – give the piece pace'' Time Out
''Daniel Cunningham plays mesmerising cult-leader Jeremiah and was so other    worldly as he chanted about the river Ganges and caressed my face, I was on the verge of signing up to The Development myself'' The Ill informed Critic

The Development








Theatre Delicatessen – Farringdon - Guardian Headquarters 

– 4 month residency from July 2014 – 12 week performance run – November 2014 – February 2015

The Book Club – Shoreditch – August 2014

Theatre Delicatessen –Marylebone – BBC Studios – (6 week R& D residency with three night run) - May 2014

Theatre Delicatessen – Marylebone – BBC Studios –  (scratch performance) – March 2014

Battersea Arts Centre -  (1 week R&D residency with scratch performance) - February 2014

Anatum’s Abode (HIAS), Limehouse  - ( 1 week residency with scratch performance) – January 2014

The Passion of Lady Vendredi MAS productions featuring SoundBoxed - Latitude Festival – July 2014

The Karen 

INCOMING FESTIVAL – New Diorama Theatre – 2nd July 

NEAT FESTIVAL – Non Such Theatre – June 2016

Rose Bruford – Symposium – April 2016

Camden People’s Theatre – Who’s London is it Anyway? – January 2016

Battersea Arts Centre – New Year’s Knees Up party – December 2015

Theatre Delicatessen – November 2015

Rich Mix – Mingbeasts Exhibitions – June and November 2015

Rift Theatre – two week R & D residency and performance – June 2015

Barbican Open Lab – R&D – May 2015

Weekend of workshops, discussions and sharing’s – Grotowski institute Poland - February 2016

Warehouse Party gig performance - Twisted Cabaret –  – September 2015

Warehouse Party gig performance - Broadway Studios - POP UP FUCK OFF – March 2015

Festival Entertainment - Wells Food Festival – October 2014

The Passion of Lady Vendredi MAS productions featuring SoundBoxed - Latitude Festival – July 2014

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The Disco Temple 

The Battersea Arts Centre 2015 NYE party


Rose Bruford - throughout the year – 2014 - 2016

Colourfest – Yoga Festival – Dorset – June -2014/15/16

Incoming Festival – July 2015

Theatre Delicatessen – THE NATURAL HYPE - every Monday - Summer 2015

NYT – November - 2014

Anatums Abode – January 2014



  • Lady Vendredi and the Vendettas- Steve Reid Innovation award showcase @ The Forge Camden November 2015 
  • LADY VENDREDI: Battle Cry-Roundhouse and SouthBank Centre Africa Utopia Festival 2015
  • 'The Resolution Studio' For Battersea Arts Centre with Will Dickie. DJ Always Will and Jeremiah Isaacs, 2014.
  • 'Interlude' for the Battersea Arts Centre and ToynBee Studios-Composed by Jenny Minton
  • 'Lady Vendredi's Baadaas BloodQuest' Latitude Festival, Directed by Jonathan Grieve/ Mas Productions
  • 'Caesarean Section: Essays On Suicide'  by Teatr ZAR for the Battersea Arts Centre, Edinburgh, Wroclaw Poland, Directed by Jaroslaw Fret PARIS-UNESCO, WROCLAW POLAND, EDINBURGH, LONDON, MADRID. Total Theatre award winner for Physical Vocal category 2012
Photo: Magdalena Mądra

Photo: Magdalena Mądra


Member of International physical and vocal theatre ensemble Theatre ZAR from 2011-2013  [Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw poland]. 

World Theatre Day 2012, Paris:

Daniel Cunningham vocals with Theatre ZAR